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realtors new braunfels
realtors in new braunfels
In a myriad of ways, selling your home is remarkably similar to buying your home. In both scenarios, you want to ensure you’re being represented by the best realtors in New Braunfels. As a member of one of the country’s most recognized firms, Re/Max, I have an automatic investment in selling your property in a smart and sensible way. When selling your home, particularly in a competitive market like New Braunfels, it bodes well in your favor to have a third party who can give you honest and transparent information regarding your selling price, marketing your property, and negotiating deals with buyers.
In essence, seasoned New Braunfels and Schertz realtors are going to look out for their client’s best interests first and foremost. You don’t want to enter the discussion negotiating with your prospective buyers and their agent without utilizing one of your own. As an experienced realtor, I understand the limits and the boundaries that usually form naturally during the negotiating and finalizing of a sale.
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Dedicated Schertz Realtors at your Behest

My expertise and range of sale extend to Schertz, a desirable yet quaint locale situated in the San Antonio- New Braunfels metropolitan area. As you can imagine, the area itself has become increasingly popular with both buyers and sellers. As your Schertz realtor, I can help you get the most out of your sale, particularly in a market as competitive as ours. A lot of sellers, especially those who are selling for the first time, fall into the trap of taking the first offer they perceive to be the best. In some circumstances, this makes sense, particularly if you’re in a time-sensitive situation. However, offers are typically far more sophisticated than a simple monetary number. Offers often include a series of different stipulations including the exclusion or inclusion of certain furniture, pieces of property, or the instance of additional processes such as appraisal and inspection.

A Schertz Realtor with Integrity

As your selling agent, my duty is to monitor, negotiate, and oversee the closing process. A lot can happen between the initial offer and the signing of papers. For example, any number of unexpected disclosures, repairs, or issues may occur. Your buyer can always renege on their offer, or decide they no longer have interest following an appraisal or inspection report. As one of the premium realtors Schertz TX locals trust for results, I can help you navigate a process that requires far more paperwork than just about anything else. I offer my clients informed guidance at every step of the way and give my sellers honest feedback about their options and what may bode well for their best interests in the future.

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Reputable Realtors New Braunfels

I’ll act as your liaison between yourself and your buyers, creating a space where you feel comfortable presenting me with difficult information. In an industry as unpredictable as ours, sometimes individuals on both sides of the deal can get frustrated, consequently suffering from tunnel vision when things get difficult. As your third-party advocate, I’ll ensure your needs are represented at the table. Having worked in many capacities from luxury home fulfillment to military relocation, I know what it means to advocate sternly but effectively. I’m Sharon Zaiontz, an experienced voice and one of the top realtors Schertz TX locals can trust.
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